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Philben is an AGD Master Dealer for Eagle Positive Plates Metal Plates Specially grained substrate that delivers wide latitude on a wide range of press sizes and types. Factor in the excellent dot reproduction and contrast, and you'll see why the Eagle plate is an excellent choice for high-quality color printing.

Eagle 1313 Plate Cleaner Universal Metal Plate Cleaner. Revitalizes plate and increase ink receptivity. Available in 1 and 5 gallons.

Eagle Developer Concentrate Universal positive plate developer. Dilute 1:6 to 1:8. for most cost effective developer. Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.

Eagle Finisher Universal plate finisher. Available in 1 and 5 gallon containers.

Eagle Image Remover Pens For all positive acting metal plates.

Sunshine Wash This product combines fast drying, good toxicity ratings and excellent cleaning characteristics with a subtle orange scent.

Kwikee Wash Formulated from fast drying, high flash point cleansers to offer maximum cleaning action with a non red label press wash.

Master Wash 2000 One step water-miscible wash that can be diluted up to 66% to reduce VOCs.

Combo Plate Wash High performance, low VOC plate cleaner for quick, clean starts.

Back Cylinder Wash Quickly removes hardened ink and contaminants from the impression cylinder, leaving no residue.

Clean Up Sheets Ultra absorbent, 2-sided wash up mats for all duplicator presses.

AGD Hand Cleaner Specially formulated to get your hands especially clean without drying or cracking your skin.

Metering Roller Cleaner Very fast drying. Requires no additional cleanup and leaves no residue.

DFS-Pink Specifically designed for use on small offset and duplicator presses with conventional or integrated dampening systems.

Philben 137-2 Fast drying speed and high ink solvency to give a quick, deep clean washup without damage to rubber blankets or rollers.

Blanket Restorer Fast drying formula that repairs and prolongs the life of offset blankets. Raises low spots for uniform ink tranfer.

Blanket Conditioner To deep clean, deglaze and rejuvenate rubber.

RBP Petro Gum® Asphaltum gum emulsion for short and long term plate storage.

RBP Gum Arabic 14°Bé Pure gum arabic for superior desensitizing. Contains biocides to control growth.

Sta-Open Spray CFC free anti ink skinning spray. Your ink will stay open for 72 hours without skinning.

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No-Grow Helps eliminate biological growth. Excellent for use during problematic summer months.